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We all know, in order to make more money in your business, you need to let more people know about your business. Word of mouth is GREAT, but it's just too slow. In the past, small independent businesses have been priced out of advertising on massive premium platforms like Q101. And even if you could afford the extremely expensive ads on "RADIO", how do you know how many people you ACTUALLY reach for your HUGE spend. We've got an ALTERNATIVE.

Introducing Q101's Digital DEAL OF A LIFETIME for 2018. We deliver the same die hard audience you love, with lower prices and BETTER accountability because it's ALL DIGITAL. Since we deliver only on digital outlets for this, we can guarantee your message reaches 100,000 loyal and LOCAL Q101 audience, with real time tracking, location based delivery, and a price so good it makes Sally Struthers' puppy charity look expensive.

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